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startupWelcome to . We provide a platform where entrepreneurs can meet sophisticated investors and prospective employees. Some of our users create startup profiles to raise awareness in the startup community or participate in incubators or accelerators.

Users of this website may open an account as an “Entrepreneur” (who are looking for advice and an introduction to potential investors), as an “Investor” (who must complete our accredited investor/sophistication questionnaire), as a “Job Seeker” (who completes a profile providing educational, professional and other background information) or they may view Content made available to the general public.

Significant regulatory considerations apply to the capital raising process, and this Agreement sets forth terms on which Entrepreneurs interact with Investors through our platform.


Have a Startup Idea?

If you’ve got a company idea that is new, you may qualify for funds and supports from Enterprise North America or from your Local Enterprise Office:

Enterprise Dir – Start-up Team

If you believe your business is a HPSU, our Start-up Team is available to discuss your idea and start-up needs and direct you to the suitable supports.
Enterprise Dir – New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme
New Frontiers is Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme run in partnership with the Institutes of Technology. The programme is designed to support entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas who are intending to create and run their own company. A variety of supports including mentoring, incubation space and a €15,000 scholarship payment are supplied to help quicken the development of the business and to equip the supporter(s) with the skills and contacts needed to successfully start and grow a firm.

Local Enterprise Office (LEO)
Local Enterprise Office provides guidance, tips and support to you in starting up or growing your company. With 31 dedicated teams across the Local Authority network in Ireland, Local Business Offices offer a first-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Supports available include:

Start-your-own-company training classes.
Market research info.
Company planning advice and templates.
Access to experienced business mentors.
Feasibility grants and co-investment for your strategies.

Additional advice can be found from your nearest Local Enterprise Office or use the Supporting SMEs On-Line Tool to help identify which of the over 80 Government supports could possibly meet your company.